Need a Kitchen Makeover? Steal these Top Kitchen Remodeling Looks!

We dug into the archives of our top kitchen remodeling looks to inspire your kitchen makeover. And we’ve got several dazzling projects from Regal Construction & Remodeling to do so.

And whether as part of a full home remodel or kitchen makeover, the kitchen is generally the most exciting space to spruce up. It tends to be where families gather to spend time together and catch up at the end of the day. And it’s also the prime locale for entertaining guests. So considering how much time homeowners spend in their kitchen, it would make sense for it reflect their personality as well.

So let’s kindle inspiration for your kitchen makeover with these top looks from Regal Construction & Remodeling. As an award-winning general contractor in Los Angeles, we’re one of the most experienced and valued suppliers in the construction industry.

And for over 10 years, we’ve assisted Los Angeles homeowners with their Kitchen Remodeling and Full Home Remodeling projects. Check out our About Us page to meet a team of some of the best remodeling contractors in Los Angeles County. 

Kitchen Makeover Inspo: Steal these Kitchen Remodeling Looks

Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern look is everywhere today, and is a staple among southern California homeowners. But you probably didn’t know the term “mid-century modern” refers to the architecture, furniture, and graphic design from the middle of the 20th century. And this style is fond of clean lines and organic forms, which paired well with bold pieces. However, the best part of this design is you’ll have a fun way of incorporating your own personality into your kitchen makeover. And this is thanks to the classic tile backsplash, lustrous chandeliers, and accent walls, which the period commonly used.

For example, check out the sleek lines and low ornamentation from Stern and Sherman Oaks – see how they illustrate mid-century modern design? They create a completely unique look by using flat planes, lots of glass, and contrasting materials with open space. Plus, the accent wall and light fixtures add hints of Hollywood revival design, another popular trend in southern California.

Hidden Appliances

The Sherman Oaks kitchen remodel also showcases the appeal of hidden appliances. These allow pieces to sit flush with your cabinetry, so they can avoid obtrusive handles and make room for more space. Additionally, hidden appliances are also sleek and maximize kitchen functionality. And with their use of clean lines, contrasting materials, and open spaces, they’ve got the hallmarks of mid-century modern kitchen remodeling appeal.


Eco-friendly kitchens are another staple among California homeowners. Like this kitchen remodeling project in Los Angeles, eco-friendly kitchens are durable and minimize exploitation of the earth’s resources. And while eco-friendly upgrades seem daunting and are believed to be a hefty investment, incorporating sustainability into your kitchen can be as easy as replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDS, or opting for energy-efficient appliances. Eco-friendly products are becoming increasingly popular, and are now readily available and affordable.

Modern Coastal Design

This stunning kitchen remodel in Redondo Beach includes elements of both mid-century modern and coastal design. For example, the color scheme is classic of coastal design, mirroring the ocean and sky: crisp whites, deep blues and neutral hues. And then there’s the scalloped backsplash, glistening aqua glass fixture, and clean aesthetic, which evoke the breeziness of a beach. This minimalist style helps draw the eye to the bold Hollywood Revival light fixture above the kitchen table. And as was typical of mid-century modern design, each object in the kitchen was carefully chosen to complement the color story of this statement piece.

Modern Cabin-Style

This cozy kitchen remodeling look from Woodland Hills emphasizes a combination of rustic cabin with earthy notes. And by combining this with the sleek, stainless steel stove top and hood, you get a warm and inviting, yet modern, look. Additionally, the industrial appliance contrasts against the green marble countertops and dark wood flooring. Finally, the clean white walls and cabinetry add to the modern feel of this cozy cabin kitchen remodeling look.

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