Room addition ideas for home expansion

Expertly built room additions that fit seamlessly with your home can make your house look even better. Our team of design and remodeling experts can suggest the best options for expanding your living space based on your needs and the layout of your home. Here are some ideas for making your existing rooms bigger or creating entirely new spaces.

Garage Conversion and Extension Options

Regal Construction & Remodeling has helped clients all over Los Angeles convert their garages into attractive extra rooms tailored to the particular needs of the household. These rooms can be anything from home offices to extra bedrooms for your growing family. 

Like your garage as it is? The space above your garage can be a blank canvas for an extra room in keeping with the height of the main part of your building. Read more about garage conversion here.

If you currently have a carport, you can convert it into a much safer, climate controlled garage by enclosing it. Alternatively, your remodeling contractor can convert a garage into a studio, which brings us on to…

Rental Studio/Room

Consider how you could generate additional income from a garage conversion. Our team of remodeling contractors can walk you through how to turn your existing underused garage into a studio. And as soon as you have a tenant, you’ll start to see a return on your investment. 


Your kitchen is probably the hub of your home so it’s essential that it suits you perfectly. Room additions like a pantry or extended dining space give a luxurious feel to any home. We can extend the walls in order to form a new kitchen, and convert the existing kitchen into a pantry or dining space, or vice versa. Chances are your kitchen’s on the first floor anyway, right? In that case if it’s a small addition, also known as a micro-addition or bump out, you’ll save the costs of altering the foundation or roof. 


Wouldn’t it feel good to stretch out in your bedroom that little bit more through home expansion? We can fit beautiful bay windows to create more natural light, or simply expand the whole room for more floor space. Imagine relaxing in bed with a new fireplace as a micro addition, or having bigger closets that are a pleasure to walk into and easy to keep organized.

Maybe you’re looking for an extra bedroom for guests, or an accessible bedroom for visiting elderly relatives. You’ll enjoy their trip so much more when everyone has time to themselves in their own space. And we have years of experience in building for customers and their families with different mobility requirements.


Wish you had the space for a larger tub?  Simply expanding the room making intelligent use of windows and natural light can make an existing bathroom bigger and brighter.

When you get a whole new extra bathroom as a room addition, we can talk you through your best choices depending on who will be using the bathroom. Should the people using it have mobility needs, for instance, we can explore solutions for walk-in showers and safer tubs. If you have a space under the stairs, a toilet here can be a convenient addition, especially when you have a full house. 

Home Office

Working from home can be a stress-free, focused dream come true in a room thoughtfully remodeled as a home office.  Ask our expert remodeling contractor to share their knowledge about room additions or home expansion to get in the zone at home. 

Playroom or Games Room

Your kids will love a dedicated room to themselves, especially if it’s decorated just for them. And wouldn’t it be nice for you to have all those shrieks of delight, well, further away? In the future when they’re too cool for all that, a playroom can easily be redecorated as a space for teens to do their thing.

Gym With Optional Sauna or Steam Room

Too busy to get to the gym? Save hours of dead time in the car by having your gym right there. Bear in mind that you’ll only need a small space to turn into a gym, sauna or steam room. Focus on your fitness goals without distraction from other people, and hog your own equipment as long as you like!

Embrace the Outdoors

Enjoy the best of both worlds with these neat home addition ideas for your outside space. 


Extend your space into the outdoors with a clean way to move in and out. Ask our team of expert general contractors about this simple and economical way to add more practical space to your home. A deck is so much easier to maintain in great condition than anything else in your garden, and we can install canopies like awnings too. 

Sun Room

Crave sunshine but not the intense heat of the direct sun? Sun rooms are one of the most popular room additions in LA. You’ll be glad you chose a sun room when you can relax at home in the sunshine in a climate controlled space. 

Enclosing Existing Porch or Patio

Get to use your outdoor space all year round regardless of extreme temperatures, and say goodbye to annoying insect bites.  We cover all the bases to keep your porch or patio cool in summer and cozy in winter, as well as being insulated and waterproof.

Building Up Rather Than Out

Bear in mind that home expansion means you can build vertically as well as horizontally.  

Second Stories

Getting a second story could be ideal if you lack horizontal space, or if you like the snug feel of a two story home.

Daunted? Consider this. You can have a modular addition created off-site and installed as a second story or on the roof of your home. As you can imagine, this technique is pretty low-stress for the homeowner, and because it’s quick it’s more economical than you may think. Most of the time there isn’t any costly additional foundation work because you’re building straight up.


Maybe you already have a decent amount of space, it’s just not tall enough to stand up in. Home expansion through attic conversion is a popular way to get more natural light to the rest of your home and to get way more storage. The possibilities for what you do with your new attic conversion are almost endless, so our top team of general contractors can inspire you.

Ready To Wake Up In Your Dream Home?

Your home’s important to you so make sure you trust it to the best, award-winning general contractor in LA. Just take a look at a selection of the beautiful home expansions and room additions we’ve created for our happy customers here

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