Design & Build

Regal Construction & Remodeling Company is currently one of the most experienced and valued suppliers in the construction industry. Not everyone knows that the company was initially a small renovation business that fostered a long-standing relationship with architects, engineers, experts, suppliers and trade vendors that allows us to mold our expertise in ground breaking architecture, innovative and comprehensive construction management and a unique building design process.

Our team is capable to tackle every project with renewed energy and brings tremendous knowledge in all areas that make up the construction process while leading each project to a smooth and beyond satisfying completion.

Regal Construction & Remodeling is a beacon in the industry and for many years it has been the focus of prominent leaders in the construction industry. The reason for that is simple! Our commitment to our customers is absolute and our team is up ready to every challenge and realization of every design dream. We accompany all stages of the project, from development to execution, to create calculated and leading designs through cutting edge innovations of modern buildingdesigns, while setting new standards in the industry that result from deep and futuristic thinking.

“The bigger the Dream, the more important the Team”








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