About Us

Since 2008, Regal Construction & Remodeling has transitioned into one of the leading members of the industry proudly serving the Los Angeles county area. We strive for excellence, customer satisfaction and high-end quality work. The foundation of Regal has been built by creating strong relationships with our customers while striving for excellence. Our elite team of experts has been refined over many years and provides clients with thorough, thoughtful and creative solutions to every challenge.

“The bigger the Dream, the more important the Team”

Sean Aichel

Chief Executive Officer

Our greatest achievements as a team and our strong and meaningful reputation stem from Sean Aichel’s vision and natural way of caring for people overall. His passion, creativity, and outside the box thinking is what sets him aside and has made him highly sought after and a valuable asset to many investing in their future and their homes. Sean has built a consistent foundation and a strong team that truly dedicate themselves to each project. He continues to amaze us with his groundbreaking innovations, raising the bar in the industry.

Udi A.

Chief Operations Officer

As co-founder of Regal Construction, Udi oversees all company operations making sure that the company focus is carried out. Udi helped build a strong reputation with high standards for the company’s business model. Udi’s goal is it to make sure the company is always up to date with new innovation and trends, as well as new laws and regulations so that our customers never miss out on anything.

Mor H‭.‬

Chief Financial Officer

Mor has many years of financial background, specifically in the construction industry. She has been consulting for many years, guiding companies with her knowledge and understanding of the industry needs. She brings structure and continuity to the team and provides customers with clear and accurate information bringing peace of mind to all.

Allyson S‭.‬

Director of Operations

Allyson combines over twenty years of experience in operation management with her knowledge of the construction industry. She earned a bachelor’s in business administration and a master’s in human resources management. Her skills and experience keep the operation process of our business running smoothly.

Ben Ezra‬

Chief Management Officer

From an early age, Ben seemed destined for the construction industry. As the son of two architects, he spent many long afternoons in the studio with his parents and quickly began learning the core principles of design. When it came time to attend university, he graduated with honors from a prestigious London business school before continuing his education with a master’s degree in management. Since joining the team as Chief Management Officer, Ben’s enthusiasm and passion for construction has helped propel the company to new heights.

Cesar S.‬

Field Production Manager

Caesar is a hard working and valueable member of our team. He has 12 years in the industry developing and refining his skills. With a keen eye and comprehensive construction knowledge he strives to make sure that the scope and direction of each project is on schedule and according to plan. He is a key asset to a succesful outcome of managing each project.

David S.‬


David is a reliable, highly-skilled member of our team. With over seven years of industry experience. He has an excellent eye for detail and the ability to successfully manage projects of any size. He adds value to every project he works one.