Budget for full home remodeling and home renovation

Home renovation is probably the biggest investment you’ll make in your quality of life, so it’s important to get the most out of it. Our team at Regal Construction & Remodeling work with you to customize your remodeling project to your needs and the needs of your family. So let’s explore some of the practical ways you can make your money go further. 

Plan A Budget At The Beginning And Stick To It

You should establish what you want from each room and what you want done. Then we can work out a budget at the beginning, and stick to this figure. Like going grocery shopping when you’re hungry, without a plan you might be tempted to add little touches along the way that all add up.

During your free consultation we’ll discuss your needs and plan a realistic budget. As a guide, check out what kitchen remodeling could cost, and the factors involved here.

Ask Us How We Can Help Reorganize Your Space

Maybe you don’t need full home remodeling after all. In your free consultation we can help you consider intelligent storage options like custom-designed bathroom or kitchen cabinets. If you’re happy with increased storage or light in the existing room, it could save you an arm and a leg compared to getting rid of a wall or building an extension. 

And we can help make the same space look bigger too. Mirrors and natural light can work wonders if used creatively.

Research What Home Renovation Materials You Like That Cost Less

Take a look round home stores to get an idea of which materials you like, and which options for things like flooring, light fittings and cabinets are more economical. Then we can work together to design your space using more economical fixtures. 

Think About a Timeless Black and White or Neutral Look

Monochrome is not just classy, it will always look great. This means you won’t have to remodel in ten years because your home looks hopelessly outdated. And as you’ll be spoiled for choice with items available in monochrome, you can shop around for good deals. 

It’s the same for neutral colors: they’re easy to combine in an elegant way, and you can add a flash of accent color too.

How Many Changes Do You Want?

Are you excited about your full home remodeling? We can help you compare whether the cost of a multitude of smaller changes is comparable to starting again from scratch on the same site. When they see the relatively small price difference, some of our clients decide to rebuild. Get inspiration on how to bring your full home remodeling project to life here

Plan Energy Saving Into Your Home Renovation

The more energy efficient your home renovation, the more money you’ll save on bills in the years to come. Ask us about energy efficient lighting and appliances so you can keep more of your money for the fun stuff.

Consider The Return On Investment When You Sell Your Home

Smart home renovation can skyrocket your property value. Just take a look at the luxurious homes  we’ve built for our clients in our recent projects

Imagine you go to view a house but when you get there it has a shabby front door. You’d probably have second thoughts right away. So a remodeled or new front door is an affordable way to make a great first impression, as well as a welcome sight every time you get home.

For kitchens and bathrooms, opt for modern tile designs that are easy to keep clean. Having a clean and fresh-looking bathroom and kitchen will be a huge draw for buyers.

Choose Your Home Renovation Company Wisely

You need an expert contractor that listens to you and doesn’t try to hard sell you anything you don’t want. So the last thing we want to do at Regal Construction & Remodeling is get you to part with more money than you’re comfortable with. Check reviews and qualifications thoroughly before choosing a contractor. Learn more about us, our ethos, and our great team. 

Ready to kick-start your home renovation project?

We’re as excited about your home’s fresh new look as you are, and we won’t rest until you’re delighted with the job we do. To tell us how we can help with your kitchen remodel or full home remodel, contact us at (818) 214-7223 or email info@regalrenovation.com. Alternatively, simply use our quick form here to get your free consultation with the best!