The Year of Record-Breaking Bathroom Remodels

At the beginning of the year, few people in the construction industry could have anticipated the upcoming rise in demand for bathroom renovations. When coronavirus forced millions of Americans to quarantine in their homes, it cast a spotlight on the small daily annoyances they were facing. From poor natural lighting to cramped bathtubs to lack of counter space, it was time for homeowners to make a change!

In this article, we’re going to discuss the top design trends from the year, which bathroom features are being upgraded, and why homeowners made the decision to remodel. Our experienced contractors have helped dozens of homeowners with their Los Angeles bathroom remodeling projects, and we’re eager to pass on our knowledge.

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The Reason Behind the Remodeling Surge

While it may seem obvious, recent research has confirmed that COVID-19 led to a dramatic increase in bathroom renovations. This information comes from a study by Houzz, which investigated this year’s bathroom remodeling trends. More than 1,600 homeowners were surveyed, and all participants were undertaking, planning, or had recently completed a major bathroom renovation. According to the study, requests for bathroom remodeling work have increased by nearly 60%. So, exactly what caused the increase?

The truth is, more than 40% of homeowners view their bathrooms as a place to rest and recharge. As many families continue to work, study, and learn from home, it’s a great opportunity to invest in features that will improve functionality and quality of life. Bathroom renovations strike the perfect balance between immediate benefits and long-term value. While bathroom projects aren’t always cheap, they are less expensive than typical kitchen remodels and some upgrades can even lower utility costs.

Inside the Renovations

With careful planning, patience, and the help of the right bathroom remodeling contractor, you can transform your outdated space into a relaxing spa oasis. Based on results from the Houzz survey, we’ve compiled a list of key takeaways from the past year:

Regulations like these were put in place simply to ensure that ADUs meet minimum housing quality standards.Generally, they are not particularly restrictive for homeowners, but many find it helpful to account for compliance measures while planning their budget.


Style Resets

Bored with the outdated look of your bathroom? You’re not alone! According to the study, “nearly 9 in 10 homeowners (89%) who renovate their master bathrooms change the room’s design.” Their preferences varied among the updated styles, but transitional and contemporary were some of the top choices.

Showers Reign Supreme

Nothing beats the feeling of a spacious shower! Houzz researchers found that the majority of homeowners chose to expand their showers during renovations. By contrast, less than 10% opted to expand or install a bathtub. (In fact, more than 50% of survey respondents stated that they did not have a bathtub, or that they removed their bathtub during the renovation!)

Green Technology

For years, most smart home technologies were designed for the kitchen and the living room. At long last, this year brought new advancements to the bathroom. Due to concerns about coronavirus, hundred of homeowners chose to install touchless faucets and toilets. These modern modifications can help lower virus transmission rates and stop the spread of germs. Plus, many new touchless faucets are also resistant to fingerprinting and smudging!

Spotlight on Lighting

After homeowners began spending more time indoors, they quickly realized that traditional bathroom lighting wasn’t going to cut it. While there is an undeniable need for privacy in the bathroom, oftentimes this is accomplished by simply removing all sources of natural light. Without any windows, people turn to overhead lighting and they must compensate with harsh fluorescents.  According to the Houzz survey, at least 8 out of 10 bathroom remodelers chose to upgrade their light fixtures. Wall lights and recessed lighting were the most popular additions.

Farewell to Freestanding

Mirrors and vanities are crucial fixtures in every bathroom, but homeowners have differing opinions about their ideal style. Carefully placed mirrors can help spaces feel larger and maximize the available light, even without installing new electrical wiring. Most homeowners add at least two mirrors during the renovation. Meanwhile, freestanding vanities are increasingly rare. Houzz reports: “Three-quarters of the homeowners upgrade their vanities during renovation and the majority choose to install custom or semi-custom options (36% and 21%, respectively).”

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