Breaking Down Los Angeles Room Addition Trends

Dreaming of a major lifestyle upgrade? After the recent rise of remote working, many homeowners would love to create space for a home office or new bedroom. However, unless you’re planning to sell your house, you might assume that your renovation options are limited to your existing square footage. In fact, the truth is that some artful reworking can transform your floorplan into a completely customized space!

In this article, we’re going to break down some of the leading trends we’ve seen among recent Los Angeles room additions. Let’s get started!

In this article, we’re sharing some of our favorite backyard design trends to help you make the most of sunny days and summer nights!

Function over Square Footage

Following a lengthy quarantine, many homeowners are changing the way they think about the functionality of their home. Luckily, room additions can provide the extra space your family needs while also enhancing the functionality of your home when quarantine is lifted.

By designing your room addition with the concept of ‘flex space’ in mind, you’ll be better prepared for the future. Even if you’re planning to use the room exclusively as a play area for the kids, you can never predict how your needs might change over time. For example, whether you live in the heart of the city or the sprawling suburbs, you can design for a flexible space by incorporating sound control for the walls, doorways, and windows. With proper noise regulation, you could easily transform the playroom into a private workspace that’s perfect for important meetings and tasks that require uninterrupted focus.

Imagine your backyard as an extension of your home. Ideally, it should reflect your lifestyle, personality, and unique tastes. To ensure the backyard lives up to its potential, consider who will be using the yard, and create zones of activity. This will help guide you as you select different materials and plants to compliment your design.

The Value in Versatility

Adults aren’t the only ones who need a place to focus! In the past year, children of all ages were forced to adapt to homeschooling, hybrid learning, and even entirely virtual classes. With so many people living and learning from home, we’ve seen a significant increase in new kitchen room additions with built-in desk space.

While the idea of creating a workspace in the kitchen may seem counterintuitive, it can be surprisingly natural in practice! Adding a minimalist desk area is a great way to utilize an otherwise awkward space or corner. Better yet, if you’re planning a home addition to replace an outdated and cramped kitchen, you can easily incorporate a desk into your floor plan. These miniature kitchen offices are also a perfect way for parents to keep an eye on their kids while they complete their work.

Increased Integration with Nature

Human beings have an instinctive desire to stay connected with nature, even while we are protected inside the home. While artificial lighting and ventilation might meet some basic needs, they simply cannot fully replace the comfort of sunlight and the connection to the outdoors. With this in mind, some Los Angeles room additions have turned their attention to creating a seamless indoor-outdoor space.

By connecting your room addition to a covered patio, outdoor kitchen, or BBQ pit you can physically and visually expand your space. This connection will also make it easier to entertain guests and could even reduce your energy consumption if you choose to leave the doors and windows open for airflow.

Resurrecting Bay Windows

Once a beloved staple of Victorian architecture, bay windows fell somewhat out of fashion in the last few years. However, in 2021, we predict they will experience a resurgence! In major cities such as Los Angeles, room additions can be limited in size due to zoning laws and property line setback requirements. As property-owners search for creative ways to incorporate more space, many are surprised to learn that bay windows do not add to floor area and (provided they don’t extend more than 2ft from the exterior wall) they are exempt from square footage calculations.

By adding a bay window to your room addition, you’ll invite plenty of sunlight and create a natural focal point for the room. Depending on how you will use your addition, you can even use the bay window as convenient additional storage if you’re trying to maximize cabinet space. Furthermore, bay windows dramatically increase the feeling of spaciousness even when your newly installed square footage is limited.

The bigger the dream,
The More Important The Team!

With Regal Construction & Remodeling, it only takes a few minutes to start building your dream home! Give us a call today!

Working with Regal Construction for Room Additions

Since 2008, we’ve been helping homeowners with their Los Angeles room additions. When you contact us for an estimate, we’ll start by discussing your project. We love to help homeowners find thoughtful and creative solutions to everyday functional problems.

Next, we will schedule a consultation. During your in-home consultation, we’ll assess the available space. At this stage, we’re going to help you ensure the functionality of your planned room addition. For example, we may want to pull down the walls of an adjacent room in order to create more open space and clear sightlines throughout the addition.

After we’ve designed your room addition, we’ll move on to drafting an estimate. Our estimate gives you an expected cost breakdown for materials and labor. Our company was built on a foundation of trust and respect for our customers, so we don’t use any high-pressure sales tactics. We strive for excellence in every project, and customer satisfaction is our top priority.


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