Kitchen Design Predictions for 2021

As the winter holidays come to a close, many homeowners are looking to 2021 for their next remodeling project. In the past year, coronavirus precautions and social distancing measures have resulted in more time spent at home. With this shift, the kitchen has become not just a functional area, but a place where families can come together. In changing the way we think about kitchens, we can also expect to see changes in popular designs.

Without further ado, here are some of our predictions for the top kitchen design ideas in 2021!

1. New Color Palettes

Modern kitchen designs have long been dominated by pristine white, high-gloss blacks, and other neutral colors. While we will certainly see these timeless colors again in 2021, we predict that two-color designs will surge in popularity. In general, these two-tone designs will pair a bold, nontraditional color with an aesthetically pleasing neutral shade. Research suggests that numerous homeowners will choose an earth tone as their nontraditional shade.

Previously a fixture of 2020 interior design, earth tones will become increasingly common as we spend more time at home. Shades of brown, olive green, burnt orange, and yellow ochre lend personality and rustic charm to your space. Better yet, these colors create the sense of connection with nature that many would-be Los Angeles kitchen remodelers have been missing!

2. Choosing Flexibility

It’s no secret that open-concept kitchens are all the rage! Clear sightlines and the sensation of extra space have made the style extremely popular. Of course, all design trends must come to an end. This year, homeowners are leaving behind their strict adherence to open-concept planning in favor of flexibility.

Flexibility comes in many forms, such as selecting appliances with dual functionality, incorporating built-ins, and integrating extra storage. Your lifestyle is constantly changing, and you deserve a kitchen that can adapt to your needs. For example, one highly-adaptable feature is cantilevered kitchen islands! These practical islands are convenient and functional. They offer more privacy while cooking, but can be lowered to create dining table seating. Furthermore, they are stylish and visually interesting – with many appearing to ‘float’ in the air.

3. Metallic vs. Matte

In the past few years, most homeowners have chosen matte finishes over metallic. Although matte finishes can require less upkeep, it’s hard to deny that metallics can enrich your space. For that reason, we predict that metallics will make a comeback in 2021! Primarily inspired by the luxury and opulence of the 1920s, the metallic trend is a great way to bring elegance into the kitchen.

Whether you’re considering subtle accents or ready to commit to a solid copper countertop, there’s a style to suit your needs. One of the most versatile options is a metallic sink. Stainless steel, copper, and brass are all extremely durable and resistant to corrosion. (Psst…If you’re not ready for a full metal makeover, you can also incorporate metallic details in your cabinet fixtures, lighting, backsplash, and decor!)

4. Backsplash Reigns Supreme

Choosing your backsplash is one of the most exciting decisions that you’ll make throughout the kitchen remodeling process! Recently, we’ve seen a surge in demand for high-gloss tiles and even mirrored material! Backsplash lends a sense of character to your kitchen, and it’s the perfect place to express your personality with a pop of color or an intricate pattern.

Still not sure where to start? Think of designing your kitchen like planning an outfit for a special occasion. While you might choose timeless and traditional materials for the majority of the ensemble, you can also add a piece of statement jewelry or footwear to elevate your look. Just like statement jewelry, backsplash gives you the freedom to experiment with materials and colors that would be too overwhelming in large amounts!

5. Specialty Storage

From drawer organizers to stackable cabinet trays, homeowners are constantly searching for ways to maximize kitchen storage space. In 2021, we’re predicting that specialty storage solutions will dominate the market. Features such as built-in cookie sheet organizers, corner drawers, lazy susans, and swing-out drawers will allow you to keep the counters clear and quickly locate your tools.

Outside of the primary kitchen workspace, customized pantries provide unbeatable convenience. Pull-out trash cabinets are also great space savers. Not only do they help contain any scents from the trash bin, they also free up additional floor space and they can be tucked into small corners!

6. Tactile Surfaces

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finding the perfect material for your kitchen — except, perhaps, finding a perfect material that comes with a unique tactile experience! One of the reasons that wood has become such a popular choice for cabinetry is because of the authentic, tactile feeling produced by the wood grain. (This sensation is particularly pronounced with reclaimed wood!)

Of course, tactile appeal isn’t limited to wood products! In fact, some stone and ceramic manufacturers have chosen to introduce texture to their tiles. One of these manufacturers is the Malaysia-based company, Feruni. Their premium ceramic tiles display personality through tactile details, making them one of the best-kept secrets of the top Los Angeles kitchen remodels.

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