Designing Your Custom Home in Four Weeks

Custom home design with a beige sofa

From pairing countertops with cabinets to assessing the land’s zoning, your custom home build requires advanced planning and your active participation. Designing your custom home build is exciting. Instead of adjusting to the layout of an existing home, you’re tailoring the layout and features of your own custom home to you and your family’s needs. […]

How to Plan an Additional Dwelling Unit in Los Angeles

Interior view of an ADU in Los Angeles with a small kitchen and sleeping area visible.

Whether you call them granny flats, in-law units, or “additional dwelling units” – it’s easy to see that these innovative housing solutions are taking Los Angeles by storm! In the midst of a housing crisis, the state of California has passed legislation aimed at making ADU construction more accessible to homeowners. In January 2020, the […]

Tips for Finding the Right Licensed General Contractor

Image shows a licensed general contractor reviewing blueprints with a Los Angeles homeowner.

Whether you’re planning a complete home remodel or a small bathroom renovation, it’s important to work with the right team! Shoddy work, inexperienced subcontractors, and low-quality materials can spell disaster for a home improvement project. As a result, finding the right licensed general contractor is often the most difficult task for homeowners – especially when […]

Can You Start New Construction During the COVID Pandemic?

A modern, newly constructed home in Encino looks serene in the sun.

Since March, Los Angeles residents have worked hard to comply with coronavirus safety measures and social distancing guidelines. To slow the spread of the virus, we’ve made some significant changes. Major events like Coachella were cancelled, schools moved to remote learning, and many people are working from home. Amid all this upheaval, you might find […]

3 Reasons Why New Construction is Worth It

An exterior photo of a sleek, new construction home in Los Angeles

Every year, thousands of homeowners make the decision to remodel, redesign, or restructure their home. However, remodeling represents a significant investment of time and money – leaving some would-be remodelers feeling too overwhelmed to start the process. In fact, according to a study by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), nearly 35% […]