Manhattan Beach Home Construction and Remodeling

Manhattan Beach Home Construction and Remodeling

Looking for Manhattan Beach remodeling? Regal Renovation has years of experience designing, building and renovating beautiful homes in Manhattan Beach

Wide sandy beaches, friendly people, excellent restaurants… no wonder Manhattan Beach won best place to live in the US.  And the pleasant, moderate Manhattan Beach climate guides how we design and build. 

For instance, we help our customers take advantage of the glorious sunshine when it’s cool outside. How do we do this? With a range of sun rooms and bump outs like bay windows that add natural light and are easily climate controlled.

No-one Knows How To Design and Build in Manhattan Beach Quite Like Regal Renovation

Why does it matter that we have so much experience in Manhattan Beach remodeling? Say you live in The Tree Section. You love your tree shade and leafy garden space so your new renovation, remodel or build should complement this. 

If you live in The Hill Section you’ll want to optimize that beautiful view. And believe us when we say we have a ton of ideas on how to work your project around it. When we design your home in harmony with the landscape, it’ll look as though it was meant to be there. 


Regal Renovation works closely with other reputable professionals for Manhattan Beach remodeling. Because we partner with leading engineers and architects, the design and build of your home is the best of the best.

Get inspired for what we can design and build for your Manhattan Beach home here. Combine natural materials that fit with your personal aesthetic such as stone, glass and wood. Regal Renovation considers everything in your home in combination to create a beautifully cohesive look. And the look of your home can be contemporary, or draw inspiration from classic design.  

We have a multitude of ideas for outside seating areas in your Manhattan Beach remodeling or build project. Imagine sitting on your expertly crafted deck or balcony and enjoying that incredible pastel sunset. 

Remodeling and Renovation Services

Regal Renovation balances the features you love about your Manhattan Beach neighborhood into your specifications. Whether you want renovations or full home remodeling, we tailor everything to your requirements. And naturally, we use the latest technology to create beautifully designed buildings. 

Kitchen Remodeling and Renovation 

What does your ideal kitchen look like? Perhaps you love up-to-the-minute design or a particular historical period. Either way, your kitchen remodeling combines practicality with a stunning aesthetic. 

When we remodel your whole kitchen we consider storage solutions in terms of your entire space. This planning means we make the same space seem bigger. Additionally, we’ll position your appliances and seating to fit with how you and your family use your kitchen. You can also opt for more kitchen space through add-ons or room extensions.  

Let us know if you want us to renovate part of your existing kitchen. In that case, we’ll consider how best to complement what’s in the room with appliances, window design, and lighting. And at the forefront of our minds is optimizing your view of the sunset, beach or hills.

Bathroom Remodeling and Renovation

Has your bathroom seen better days? All that Manhattan Beach sand doesn’t always go down too well with floors. Bathroom remodeling means attractive storage like custom cabinets, and scratch-resistant floors that last. Get inspired for bathroom remodeling ideas here, whether that’s attractively textured walls, or the latest in window design. 

Regal Renovation has its finger on the pulse of design for bathrooms, whether it’s windows, floors, walls or cabinets. And crucially, we only use durable materials and units that suit the needs of your family. 

Trust Your Manhattan Beach Remodeling Project To The Best

It’s not just pastel sunsets and quality of life: people in Manhattan Beach are some of the most educated people around. So chances are, if you’re in Manhattan Beach you’re already used to making smart choices. 

Regal Renovation is proud to be the most trusted, award-winning general contractor in the county. And because of this, you can count on us for expert Manhattan Beach remodeling, renovation and design & build services. Call us at (818) 214-7223 or email us at You can also fill out our short form right here to get started with your free consultation.