Los Angeles

The City of Los Angeles, also known as L.A. and “City of Angels”, is draped across a vast coastal plain between mountains and the Pacific Ocean. Commonly thought of as the heart of southern California, Los Angeles is California’s most populous city. 

The city is surrounded by vast mountain ranges, some low and peppered with steep passes. Inland valleys, forests, deserts and beaches along the Pacific Ocean make up some of Los Angeles’ varied geography. 

District names like Hollywood, Encino and Bel-Air are so well known, it’s not unusual to believe they’re their own separate cities. But, in fact, they’re neighborhoods of Los Angeles. 

With its subtropical-Mediterranean climate, Los Angeles is associated with picturesque weather, celebrities, ample leisure and outdoor reviviscence. Los Angeles remains a center for television and commercial production, as well as music recordings.  

One of the most ethnically and racially diverse cities in the country, the people of Los Angeles, dubbed Angelenos, originate from across the world. More than a third of the city’s population is foreign born, numbering just below 1.5 million. 

Los Angeles overflows with cultural opportunities garnered from many corners of the world. The city enjoys some of the culinary scene’s top restaurants, owing largely to the substantial transplant population. Many of its charming locales are suitable for a variety of budgets. 

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Design & Build

Looking to build your custom design home? Since 2008, Regal Construction and Remodeling has provided Los Angeles unparallelled Design & Build services.  Our long-standing relationships with architects, engineers, experts, suppliers and trade vendors help us leverage a breadth of knowledge and expertise to build your dream Los Angeles home. 

 From design consultation to construction management, our team assists you at every point of the design & build. We produce calculated designs through innovative and modern designs.


Carved mantel fireplaces, glittering marble countertops  and rustic cedar-clad accent walls: Renovations with Regal Construction and Remodeling bring your dream Los Angeles abode to life. Whether a full home remodel or restoring your kitchen’s glow, we ensure thoughtful innovations of modern design. 

When you contact us for an estimate for your Los Angeles makeover project, we start by discussing your design goals. Next, we schedule a consultation to assess the available space and ensure the functionality of your design. Once the design is complete, we draft an estimate that includes an expected cost breakdown for the materials and labor. 

Full Home Remodel

Tired of dark, confined spaces? Outdated home fixtures? We specialize in Full Home Remodeling services in Los Angeles — refurbishing your home into a comfortable, stylish and functional space. 

A whole house remodel is a big job. It requires a remodeling company that’s highly experienced in managing long-term projects.

As a full-service remodeling contractor, we work with clients throughout the remodeling process—from design to the finishing touches—while supporting you along the way. Rely on Regal Construction & Remodeling to reduce your stress, while saving you valuable time and money.  

Kitchen Remodeling

Increase the value of your Los Angeles home with a kitchen remodel. Everything from mid-century modern to the intricate finishes of a Mediteranean Revival home, our Kitchen Remodeling services will help you achieve your dream kitchen.

 We’ll help you remodel your home with mid-century modern fixtures, a favorite among Southern California homeowners. And while eco-friendly upgrades can seem daunting, adding sustainability to your remodel is as easy as replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDs, or selecting energy-efficient appliances. 

Since 2008, we’ve assisted homeowners with leading kitchen remodeling projects. We accommodate almost any budget, and work closely with our experts to produce thoughtful designs and breathtaking executions.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling is the most common type of home renovation and remodeling. Our bathroom remodeling contractors wield imagination and expertise to provide the bathroom remodel of your dreams.

We assist you in evaluating your cabinet storage needs and storage capacity. We install durable flooring that’s resistant to excessive moisture and suitable to your style. We optimize natural lighting in your bathroom through stylish hanging lights, standing lamps and/or frosted glass windows, and replace outdated fixtures with a new shower or bathtub.

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With Regal Construction & Remodeling, it only takes a few minutes to start building your dream home! Give us a call today!