Home Remodeling: DIY or Hire a Pro?

Opting to do it yourself (DIY) works for small, simple projects. Save money and revel in the thrill of your masterpiece.

Ah, home remodeling. The time of Do It Yourself (DIY) YouTube marathons and posting Facebook pictures with captions like “You see these refinished kitchen cupboards? My own two hands!”

One of the most important decisions of remodeling your home is whether you should do it yourself, or hire a home remodeling professional.

You’re usually considering a trade-off between time, money and the final result. Hiring a professional typically means you’ll save time, at the cost of some cash. But the final result is usually higher quality. 

Then you evaluate your budget, and whether your personal confidence fits the bill.

But some projects are better handled by the pros, like our Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling. Remodels like these require complex and tedious tasks that professional contractors are trained to tackle with seasoned finesse.

Whether you’re revamping your entire home with a full home remodel or just renovating the bathroom tile, take the time to carefully consider whether it’s best to do it yourself, or hire a pro. 

When Hiring a Pro is a Good Idea

For the mighty self-inclined, the allure of a DIY home remodel is almost irresistible.

It’s an exciting time. You’re increasing your home’s value and, by rolling up your sleeves and tackling the job yourself, saving money in labor costs. Not to mention bragging rights for when company comes over.

But some home remodeling projects are more involved than a typical DIY. Sometimes, it’s better to roll up your sleeves and, well, hire a professional.

Regal Construction & Remodeling, for example, has over 10 years of experience in home remodeling projects, like this example of one of our kitchen remodel projects.

Below are several examples of home remodeling contexts in which saving money and bragging rights just may not cut it.

You Intend to Sell

If you’re intending to sell your home, then a DIY job may not be the best approach for your home remodeling project. It can be a turnoff to potential buyers – the remodel wasn’t done by a professional.

Regardless of how good of a job you did, potential buyers may speculate whether the DIY was done properly. They may even wonder if future problems will crop up because of it.

If you decide to hire a pro, get the estimates in writing, and contact their references. Confirm the contractor has the required licenses and insurance.

When considering a home remodeling project, there’s always the option to do some of a remodel yourself, alongside working with an expert. Your role could be of the general contractor for a major project, such as a bathroom remodel. You would hire subcontractors for specialized tasks, like electrical wiring, plumbing and cabinet installation.

Home Remodeling Needs a Permit

A permit is usually required for electrical and structural work, but it depends on your area.

Contact the city and ask which remodel licenses are required. Specialized knowledge is usually required for these types of jobs, and so hiring a professional may be the best option.

An Error Would Lead to Serious Consequences

If serious risks loom in the face of making a mistake in your home remodeling project, making your home unsafe to you and your family, then it isn’t worth it. 

On top of the danger, projects like these can also be expensive to fix.

Professional contractors provide you with insurance and warranties to protect you in the event of a mistake. If an error is made or your home is damaged, the contractor pays to fix it.

Hire a professional contractor for projects in which an error would lead to serious consequences.

You Don’t Have the Time

Significant home remodeling can require a lot of time to complete. Do you have the room in your schedule to complete the home remodeling project?

Depending on the project, delays can seriously intervene in your daily routine — for example, when your kitchen or bathroom is out of commission, or your roofing project exposes your home to the weather. Delays can quickly turn into concerns in your daily hustle. 

Before committing to the project, be realistic about your schedule, and how much of your time can be allocated to the home remodel. 

If you do opt to DIY, be sure to evaluate the project carefully and that it generally follows one of the occasions below.

When it’s Worth Considering a DIY

“Good Enough” Gets the Thumbs Up

The final result of your home remodeling project may not look as polished as a pro’s. Some floor tiles may be slightly uneven. Maybe your newly painted wall dried a little unevenly. 

If the faults are subtle and you and your family can give “good enough” the thumbs up, then a do-it-yourself approach can be absolutely a good idea

You’re Prepared to Work Through Minor Mistakes

You’re likely not going to get it right the first time; you’re inexperienced with painting fences, and several of your brushstrokes are showing. You have to revisit the store and pick up some more paint to do it over again.  

Your DIY project probably won’t go perfectly the first time around. If you have the patience and flexibility to work through small errors, then consider taking on the job yourself.

You Can Learn the Task Quickly

Is the task easy enough to learn quickly? Research the home remodeling project first, before committing.

Painting your fence, for example, may require several YouTube guides. You may need to read about varying paint options and ask paint experts for advice.

If you’re willing to learn the steps and do your due diligence, a do-it-yourself home remodel could be a good idea.

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When considering a home remodeling project, you’ll want to consider the options of a DIY approach, or having an experienced contractor handle the job. By evaluating the difficulty of the home remodel, risks involved, how much time you have to spend on it and how realistic your expectations are, you can come to a thoughtful decision as to whether or not you should hire a pro. 

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