Top 3 Backyard Remodeling Trends for Los Angeles

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the backyard has become the hottest spot for safe socialization. Luckily, with some careful planning and a little bit of imagination, you can easily reinvent your outdoor environment! Our experienced contractors have helped dozens of homeowners with their Los Angeles backyard remodeling projects, and we’re eager to pass on our knowledge.

In this article, we’re sharing some of our favorite backyard design trends to help you make the most of sunny days and summer nights!

The Basics of Backyard Remodeling

When you think about backyard remodeling, you’re probably imagining a combination of two particular specialties: landscaping and hardscaping. Landscaping is focused on the living elements of design, such as the flora and fauna. On the other hand, hardscaping deals with the non-living components of design, such as walkways and fencing. To create a beautiful backyard, you’ll need to consider both specialties and envision how they’ll work together.

Imagine your backyard as an extension of your home. Ideally, it should reflect your lifestyle, personality, and unique tastes. To ensure the backyard lives up to its potential, consider who will be using the yard, and create zones of activity. This will help guide you as you select different materials and plants to compliment your design.

Revealing the Trends

Whether you want to stand out or fit in, the choices you make during your backyard remodel can improve your quality of life and may even impact your property valuation. Based on our recent projects, we’ve put together a list of key trends from the past year to spark your imagination.

Personal Oasis

The Mediterranean climate of Los Angeles means that pool-season is practically year-round! If you have enough space, installing a brand-new swimming pool is one of the most impactful and functional changes you can make to your backyard. To elevate your design and reduce pool maintenance time, consider incorporating a retractable roof. Retractable roofs help prevent leaves and debris from entering the water, provide shade on hot days, offer warmth in the winter, and can even complement other landscaping and hardscaping features.

Dinner & a Show

If you love to cook and entertain, consider taking your space to the next level with a few outdoor kitchen features. Some of the most popular options include drink serving carts, mini-bar fridge, patio storage cabinets, and sinks. Additionally, outdoor kitchen islands are useful for everything from serving food to preparing items for the grill. Of course, no outdoor kitchen would be complete without a fire feature! Whether you’re a grill master or BBQ newbie, you’ll find something to love about a functional outdoor fireplace. (Plus, your guests will be drawn to it like moths to a flame!)

Purposeful Planting

One of the characteristics of a beautiful backyard is vibrant, cohesive landscaping! By planting native, drought-tolerant plants, you can achieve the aesthetics you’re hoping for without drastically increasing your water bill. Lately, elevated geometric planting boxes are all the rage in Los Angeles backyards! Planting boxes are a great opportunity to grow some of your own vegetables and herbs – plus, they blend seamlessly with most mid-century modern design.

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