Room Addition: Is It Worth It?

Are you preparing to welcome a new family member into your home, or just want more space? A room addition is comparable to a mini house addition. Merging the new with the old, expanding your home is an excellent opportunity to increase the living space, functionality and the value of your home, while enhancing it with your own flair. While room additions can be costly, you can usually expect a 60% to 90% return on their investment.

A home expansion or a Full Home Remodel is a major undertaking that requires a serious commitment and careful consideration of various factors. Impulsive decisions and choosing the wrong remodeling company can result in extra costs, without the added value. 

Since 2008, Regal Construction & Remodeling has been helping homeowners with their Los Angeles Room Additions. Our team includes some of the best room addition professionals in Los Angeles County. Pair your imagination with our expert team of designers and builders, and we’ll build you the home expansion of your dreams. Check out our About Us page to learn more. 

If you’re interested in a room addition, here are some of the considerations to ensure expanding your home is a seamless pay-off.

Room Addition for the Right Reasons

Before committing, know what you want out of the home expansion project. From adding space to accommodate your family’s growing needs, additional income, convenience and value to your home, there’s much to gain from a room addition. 

  • More Space

A home expansion is the best way to add more space to your home, and space translates to added functionality and convenience. 

Adding a home gym and sauna, for example, is an opportunity to personalize your fitness regime. Playrooms provide plenty of space for young children to play, and where you can control the clutter through the extra storage for large toys. Rental suites are an increasingly popular option in Los Angeles, as well as home offices, in response to the widespread transition to remote working as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

While a sunroom is an alternative to room additions, they’re sometimes viewed by future buyers as liabilities to be torn down. Adding a basement can provide extra living and entertaining spaces but, if not ground-level, they can quickly become dark spaces with limited natural light.

  • Your Own Creation

A home addition is a space you can claim as your own creation. The room is a blank canvas for your imagination and unique style. Think about what you want out of the room, and be liberal with your creativity — the room addition is yours to design.

  • High-Value Cost Ratio

With a room addition, you’re simply expanding the existing structure of your home. This is generally more cost-effective than new construction. 

Room additions also offer high returns on your initial investment. Usually, the cost of a mid-range two-story addition may be recovered at the time of sale. While it’s tricky to predict the real estate market years in advance, a home expansion is usually more affordable than purchasing a new home that’s equivalent to the space of your existing home, plus the addition. You can also maximize your payback by adding amenities that are sought after in your area. 

Room Addition Location

Consider the location of your room addition. While many homeowners understand room additions as installations on the ground floor, multi-story homes can also benefit from room additions. If you can’t build outward on your property, you can always consider building up, instead. 

Keep in mind adding rooms to the top of your home is more expensive than adding rooms to the side. As it usually doesn’t require substantial additional framing, electrical or plumbing, basement additions are particularly cost-effective. 

Consider Updating Systems

Committing to a home expansion is a prime time to also consider making system updates to other parts of your home. When there’s already an expert construction crew in your home, it’s ideal to integrate other upgrades into your addition to spruce up your home. For example, you can take existing ductwork and connect it to the addition, or install a ductless unit.

Time Considerations

Expanding your home takes time. Depending on the room addition, it can take over a month, or longer, to complete. It’s important to consider how your budget and preparedness for disruptions in your personal life fit into the picture.  

Determine the Costs

When adding a room addition, the goal is to at least break even. On average, room additions in Los Angeles can cost between $170 and $250 per square foot. 

Home expansions that require plumbing on top of framing and electrical are more costly. Depending on the room addition, the contractor may need to acquire special permits, modify plumbing, reroute an HVAC system, or install electrical wiring. The size of the addition also determines cost; the larger the addition, the more materials and labor required. 

When budgeting, keep in mind increasing the size of your home also increases your annual tax bill; tax assessments are based on the home’s vital statistics, starting with its square footage. An increased home size also means bigger energy bills, like heating and cooling. Consider the addition of amenities, like an additional bathroom, a hot tub or a fireplace.

While room addition costs can add up, you can usually expect a 60% to 90% return on their investment — especially if you properly budget and consider sought after amenities in your room addition. 

Choosing the Right Contractor

But, above all else, the biggest decision to make is choosing your contractors. Ask around, refer to reviews and meet with the company. Room additions are ambitious projects, so it’s crucial to hire the right contractor. 

Since 2008, Regal Construction & Remodeling has been helping homeowners with their room additions. We manage every aspect of your project, from design to obtaining permits and the final punch list. Our team has completed some of the best room addition projects in Los Angeles.

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Stress-Free Room Addition with Regal Construction & Remodeling

Considering expanding your home with a room addition? Home expansions are an excellent opportunity to increase the space, convenience and the value of your home, while applying your own style.

At Regal Construction & Remodeling, we strive for excellence in every project. We can’t wait to help you get started with your home expansion project. 

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